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The Price of Growth

Every couple of weeks I buy fresh flowers. I love picking them at the market. At home, I separate them into many vases of different sizes and place them in the rooms I spend most time at.

My favorite flower is the Hydrangea—all colors. Every flower bunch I buy has at least one them.

Inevitably, my favorite flower is the first to wilt. But I have a little trick; before going to bed, I take the wilted flower, cut the stem a few inches and place it in a separate vase filled with warm-to-hot water. I did just that this week with the flower in the picture (which was taken 2 days after the process). The same miraculous thing happened—when I woke up the next morning the flower was no longer wilted. Instead, it was vibrant and just as beautiful as the day I brought it home.

I have seen this process take place many times over, yet this time, I connected to it in a different way. I thought about the stem of the flower in the hot water and equated it to how we feel when we are “in hot water”. The thought occurred to me: Difficult times are our growing fields. We complain and wish it wasn’t so, but the opportunities for growth and expansion are never better.

I then remembered that the water never stays hot forever. At some point, it goes back to room temperature, while the flower stays gorgeous for days!

Personal growth is uncomfortable and even painful. But the alternative is not attractive, at least not to me. Growth is worth the pain!

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