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Author, entrepreneur, trainer and lover of life are words that can be used to describe me.  But 10 years ago, I stood to lose everything from my career of choice to my stand in my community.  After a life of faithful obedience to religious commitments and 25 years of marriage I was facing divorce—A reality that challenged my very foundation, caused me unspeakable sorrow, confusion and a sense of brokenness.  I had to put to the test every clinical and spiritual principle in my toolbox.  This is when I dove into learning about energy work for my personal healing and discovered new ways to alchemize my experience into the tools and practices that I now use and share with my clients.

My education includes a Masters in Social Work from NYU, continuous and ongoing postgraduate training, a Masters in Business with a Concentration in Organizational Behavior and an Executive Coach certificate from the University of Texas, and ongoing Energy Work studies from experts in the field. 


Nathalie Concepcion, LCSW, MA

20+ Years as Couple's Therapist to Highly Sensitive People Committed


Personal & Relationship Growth

  • What if we understood our relationships as the shortest route to personal growth?

  • What if in that realization, we found new insights about our tendencies, default behaviors and deepest wants?

  • What if all the imperfections and difficulties we see in our selves and our loved one(s) are part of being WHOLE?

  • What if the insights we arrive to open up greater ability to speak our truth, set helpful boundaries and redirect the dynamics in our relationships? 

  • And ultimately, what if we could accept that at every moment--regardless of our imperfections, difficulties or concerns, we are Whole, Capable and Complete

Highly Sensitive People (HSP) tend to be deeply invested in their relationships and often define themselves by their roles—wife, girlfriend, husband, boyfriend, life partner etc. When the title that defines them is challenged, they lose their footing in the world. They then focus on fixing, blaming, avoiding and fighting; seldom stopping to take in the lessons that will create real transformation in in themselves and their relationships.​​

Nathalie is the co-author (with Bob McCullough) of THE HIJACKED BRAIN. Click HERE to order.

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Working with Nathalie

You are ready to work with Nathalie if you:

  • Are empathic, intuitive or have been called "sensitive"

  • Are 19 and older and want to make a significant shift 

  • Read The Hijacked Brain and want to put it to work

  • Have not read The Hijacked Brain but are ready to learn more about yourself and how to positively affect your intimate relationships

  • Are in a relationship

  • Seek growth

  • Have a clinical diagnosis and want support

  • Do not have a clinical diagnosis and want support

  • Heard about Nathalie from a friend and want to see what working with her would make happen in your life

  • Are curious about Energy Work


Ways to work with Nathalie:

  • Individual Sessions

    • Clinical

    • Coaching

    • All Online—Tele-health protected service and Zoom rooms

  • Couples Sessions

  • Family Sessions

  • Group Sessions

  • Trainings

    • Online

    • Arrange a training for your organization

For more information on what is right for you, please set up a no-cost 15-minute conversation: https://timewithnathalie.as.me/15minutestoClarity 



Changing our mindset can seem daunting.  It all starts with a choice—Want to try?  Choose—Commit—Be consistent

The Hijacked Brain

The Gifts of Imperfection--Brene Brown

The Untethered Soul--Michael A. Singer

Broken Open--Elizabeth Lesser

Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway--Susan Jeffers

How to Hug a Porcupine--John Lewis Lund

Love Languages--Gary Chapman

What Makes Love Last--John Gottman

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